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Empowering people and communities to secure the dividends of democracy

1001+ Voices is inspired by the vision of Ide Okon Owodiong-Idemeko, for Nigerians to organise and empower themselves to transform and develop Nigeria’s democracy for the benefit of the people.

Rooted in the politics of Uyo Senatorial District, 1001+ Voices actively advocates a determined and progressive pan-Nigerian strategy where:

  • Citizens are highly informed and aware of their democratic influence and empowered to achieve the change they want before, during and beyond elections.

  • People, and not political parties, politicians and big business interests, is at the heart of legislative representation and accountable governance.

  • Strong institutions and the rule of law guarantee justice and fairness to all Nigerians without discrimination or deference.

  • Our environment is cared for and the protection of our flora and fauna considered before short term profits of corporate interests.

Quality world class primary and secondary education must be provided for all children. This is a basic human right and it makes smart sense.

-1001+ Voices


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